Online Marketing to the Generations

agegroupsA few years ago, there was a significant online marketing demographic that advertisers tended to ignore when they put together their marketing strategy. Now that times have changed, businesses have finally begun to understand the true buying power of the Baby Boomers they once overlooked. Previously thought of as the age group that wasn’t very tech savvy and could hardly use a smartphone, now approximately 70 percent of people over the age of 50 in the United States routinely make purchases online. This makes social media platforms that are geared towards the younger generations, i.e. Instagram and Pinterest, not as strong an outlet as Facebook and Google+. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your marketing strategy will work across multiple platforms.

Generation X, born between 1965 and 1975, are now reaching their prime in regards to earnings and buying power. This generation already has a grasp on technology and they love to shop. They have learned from the Baby Boomers to make sure that the product they are purchasing is high quality and value for money. Flashy gimmicks and a strong brand name are now not enough to impress this generation into purchasing new products. Through online marketing with quality websites and social media, businesses must gain their trust before expecting any kind of payout.

The age group that has grown up with technological advances in computers and the internet, Generation Y, are very responsive to internet marketing strategies. Generation Y has a much larger disposable income because they typically choose to live with their parents longer, due to the higher cost of living nowadays. This generation responds better to “innovative” marketing and campaigns that use humor. This is why companies have become so concerned with creating online videos that could “go viral.” Going viral is an idea that new companies are still trying to grasp. Finding a happy medium between humor and advertising is crucial to getting your name out there while retaining the integrity of your product, service or brand.

Typically, marketing companies will aim their advertising at a middle ground aimed approximately in between Generation X and Generation Y. Even though this is a good strategy, Baby Boomers are clearly a group that should not be ignored. As time progresses, the newest generation, or Generation Z (also known as “the iGeneration”), is the only group that is being born into the internet era with parents that completely understand all of this technology. There is little information about Generation Z at the moment, but there is a good chance that this group will emphasize the use of the internet and different social media platforms even more. This can only mean that the internet and its marketing uses are not receding any time soon. Please contact CyberMark International today if you have any questions about your online marketing strategy or for a free website evaluation!

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