Mobile Marketing FAQs

Mobile Marketing FAQsIn 2014, it is projected that 25 percent of internet traffic will come from mobile devices. For this reason, you cannot afford to neglect or procrastinate on mobile marketing. You need it now. Have questions? Get answers, and do your mobile marketing right.

What should be included in my mobile marketing strategy?

Absolute Musts

  • Make sure your website has mobile-friendly responsive design.
  • Make sure your site loads in three seconds or less. (None of us like to wait, but especially mobile users on the go.)
  • Update your location and contact information on your website, as well as Facebook, Yelp, and other social media profiles.
  • Claim your business on Google Places.
  • Incorporate the Google Maps app into your Google Adwords campaign.

Highly Recommended

  • Revitalize your email marketing. (Checking email is one of the most popular activities on mobile devices.)
  • Incorporate paid mobile search and mobile display ads into your advertising campaign.

For Consideration

  • Use QR codes on posters, billboards, products, and other offline marketing materials to turn offline leads into online conversions.
  • Create an opt-in SMS campaign.
  • Create your own mobile app.

What is responsive design?

A website with responsive design is one that auto-detects and auto-adjusts to all devices, always ensuring an optimal viewing experience. No matter how small the screen, the site adjusts to present easily readable text and clickable links.

What are QR codes?

“QR code” stands for Quick Response Code. It is a two-dimensional barcode that camera-equipped smartphone users can scan so as to be connected to an assigned URL. In this way, you can create a landing page specific to this QR code, allowing you to deliver on whatever was promised in the QR-coded promo or ad, while also tracking your QR code’s success.

How do I create my own QR code?

QR codes can be created online, downloaded to a computer, and printed directly onto products and promotional materials. There are numerous QR code generators to choose from, but you might want to try QRStuff, QRLicious, or The QR Code Generator.

Do people really click on mobile display ads?

A recent Nielsen report shows that 45 percent of consumers trust mobile display ads. This presents you with a golden opportunity with mobile users, as they are looking for answers fast.

Don’t SMS marketing just annoy people?

SMS marketing isn’t for everyone, and by that I mean, they’re not for every lead on your list. Text messaging should be reserved for consumers who opt-in to receive communication from you in this manner. Why would anyone do that? Offer them special promos only available via your SMS campaign. Since text messages are received by consumers immediately, this form of marketing is ideal for offers that don’t last long.

Isn’t building my own mobile app difficult and expensive?

Building your own mobile app is only as difficult or expensive as you make it. Anyone on any budget can create a mobile app. As with QR code generators, there are numerous platforms for building mobile apps. Some recommended platforms include, Mobile Roadie, and TheAppBuilder.

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