What's the Buzz About?

Google recently launched its entrée into the world of social networking, Google Buzz. Managed through users' Gmail inboxes, Buzz provides a comprehensive offering of social capabilities, including micro-blogging, multimedia sharing and location-based services. Moreover, Buzz allows users to send recommendations and other mentions to other users. Poised to be the next big thing in social media, here's how you can start taking advantage of Buzz to help build your business right away.

Get started right away. Be on the forefront of what could possibly be a rich marketing opportunity. If you don't already have a Gmail account for your business, sign up for one and start filling out your Buzz profile. Include links to your other social media accounts and post regularly, just as you would on your other accounts.

Build contacts. The more people you can find to interact with, the more likely you are to get recommendations from users and the more meaningful Buzz will be. Of course, if you already use Gmail regularly, you have a leg up on those who don't in locating customers and affiliated businesses because the application automatically follows your contact list.

Post often. Unless you indicate that a post is private or limited, everything you post on Buzz will be search engine indexed and could show up in social search listings. The more you post, the better chance your content will be read by more people.

Take advantage of Buzz's multimedia capabilities. If your business lends itself well to pictures, videos, podcasts and other multimedia, make sure to utilize Buzz's lightning-fast multimedia services to share eye-catching, engaging content.

Utilize Buzz's location-based services. If you're looking for local customers, keep in mind that when users make posts, they can see what other users are saying in their vicinity. You can use this feature to your advantage by posting often for nearby people to see, helping to put your name out there.

Of course, as Buzz is in its infancy, none of us can be sure of its true marketing potential (or lack thereof). But it certainly can't hurt to try out a feature automatically built in to 176 million unique users' e-mail accounts.

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