Were You Affected by Google's May Day Update?

As a result, many website owners experienced a small but still noticeable drop (about 5 to 15 percent) in their usual long-tail traffic, or visitors referred to your website by relatively obscure search terms.

Although there has been much speculation among search marketers, the exact reason for the mass dip in long-tail search referrals is still unknown. Some think Google streamlined its algorithm; others suspect the retooled Google algorithm favors brand sites; still others blame a shift in phrase match. No matter what the reason, if you've lost traffic, it's important to understand why to figure out the best way to regain your lost SEO.

First things first, you must determine whether or not your recent traffic loss is potentially tied to the Google May Day update. Check your website statistics between April 28th and May 3rd. Are fewer pages receiving traffic? Did your obscure search terms plummet? Do you notice a shift in how your site is indexed? Any or all of these changes indicate that you were affected by the May Day update.

Once you've determined that you were affected, it's time to start looking into possible causes and, of course, possible solutions. One possible culprit could be your linking structure. Are less than reputable sites linking to your website? If so, you should link into courting some high-quality links to help your website recover. Also, if some of your pages aren't performing as well as before the update, consider linking to these under performing pages from better performing pages to help with faster indexing. Also, if you don't have one already, adding an XML sitemap will aid Google in indexing your website.

CyberMark can help you improve if you've noticed a downshift in traffic from the Google May Day update. Contact us, and we'll help you redesign your SEO and linking strategies to help you recapture your pre-update website traffic.

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