Upgrade to Internet Explorer 8

For faster, easier and safer browsing, upgrade to Internet Explorer 8. It's filled with new features that will simplify and secure your online navigation, including:

1) Accelerators. Let's say you find a new restaurant you want to try. Instead of copying the address from the restaurant website, then going to a different website to paste in the address for driving directions, an accelerator will do all that for you without having to leave the page. Simply highlight the address and click on the blue accelerator icon that appears. From there you can select the “driving directions” option. There are similar options for translating text, defining words, emailing content and more.

2) InPrivate Browsing. Since we do so much of our shopping online these days, it can be hard to keep a secret when it comes to gift-giving, as your browser displays everywhere you go. Internet Explorer 8 solves this dilemma with an InPrivate Browsing option. When activated, your browser will not record and save your history.

3) Web Slices. If you check your email multiple times a day – as most of us do – you could save yourself a lot of time and energy with Web Slices. This feature enables you to keep track of different “slices” of the web, including your email so that you will be notified when you have a new message to check. The same is true of sports scores, weather reports, auction items and any number of other things that may be updated online throughout the day.

4) Search Suggestions. Not only will Internet Explorer 8 offer relevant suggestions as you type words into the search box, but it also has a “find on page” button that lets you search for text within the page you are already on.

5) SmartScreen Filter. Protect yourself from unsafe websites and software before it's too late. Internet Explorer 8 will notify you when you're trying to visit a site or download software that could be harmful to your computer.

Click this link for your free download of Internet Explorer 8.

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