Top 10 Ways to Integrate Keywords for Bigger and Better Website Marketing in 30 Days

Though search engines penalize websites for going overboard with too much keyword integration (known as keyword stuffing), finding a happy medium is critical to your website's SEO. Certainly it is important to sprinkle keywords throughout your website content, but that's just one of the top 10 ways to approach keyword integration for your website marketing plan.

For optimal internet marketing results, integrate keywords into your:

  1. Meta tags for each of your website pages, including the meta title tags, meta description tags and meta keyword tags
  2. Website content on your home page and inside pages
  3. Blog posts, including the title, body of the text, tags and categories
  4. Descriptions for blogs submitted to blog directories, as well as descriptions for individual blog posts submitted to social media news sites
  5. Profiles/bios on social media websites
  6. Updates to social media sites, especially on Twitter as tweets are searched and returned in the search engine results for both Google and Bing
  7. Tags for submitting your Twitter page to Twitter directories
  8. Video titles, descriptions and meta tags for those posted to your website, YouTube page and other video sharing sites
  9. Photos posted to your website and photo sharing sites
  10. Articles, press releases and any other online content you have created to link back to your website

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