Top 10 Reasons You Need a Twitter Account

Whatever your perception of Twitter may be, the only way of fully understanding its potential for growing your business is to create an account. As long as you regularly update your account (or tweet) and strategically follow other tweeters, you will discover that Twitter can help you:

1. Strengthen your online presence.

2. Strengthen your brand.

3. Personalize your company’s identity.

4. Interact directly with existing or potential customers and clients.

5. Target potential customers and clients in your city, state or region.

6. Target potential customers or clients who are specifically interested in a product or service like yours.

7. Promote your website, blog, Facebook page or other online venue.

8. Share company updates, new products and specials.

9. Search tweets for people looking for your product or service, then reply or direct message them about your product or service.

10. Include within your updates keywords relative to what you do so that you’re tweets will be listed when fellow tweeters do a Twitter search.

Whether you need to sign up for a Twitter account, or already have one, please follow CyberMark. We regularly tweet about SEO and other internet marketing strategies, including Twitter tips. And if you’re a CyberMark client, your tweets will no doubt be among our favorites so much so that we’ll regularly retweet your updates to all of our followers too!

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