Top 10 Reasons CyberMark is a Finalist for the 2009 Arizona BBB Business Ethics Award

After being nominated for this year's award, CyberMark submitted a 90-page application to the Arizona Better Business Bureau for use in their evaluation of all nominees. Below are excerpts from our submission representing what we believe to be the top 10 reasons the BBB chose CyberMark as a finalist for the 2009 BBB Business Ethics Award.

1) Implementing Ethical SEO

The key to effective SEO is closely monitoring search engine algorithms, as they determine the criteria that search engines use for website ranking. With each new set of criteria often comes the need for new CyberMark services – creative, innovative ways to generate more revenue for us and, in turn, more traffic and revenue for our clients.

Currently, CyberMark SEO and other internet marketing services include:

· Keyword Data Reporting – Keyword Research

· Meta Support and Website Programming Search Engine Optimization

· WC3 Compliant Code

· Inside Content Pages in Frequently Asked Question Format or Product Showcasing

· Creation and Posting of Educational Articles

· Monthly Upkeep and Submissions – Monthly Rank Monitoring and SEO Maintenance

· Rank Reports

· Press Releases – Online Press Release Search Engine Optimization Program

· Paid Directory Package – Paid Search Engine Optimization Inclusions

· Social Media Marketing – Blogging and Video SEO

· Cost Per Click Marketing – CPC Marketing for Guaranteed Search Engine Listings

· Google Adwords Marketing Product Features

· Yahoo Search Marketing Product Features

· Google Analytics – Advanced Website Metrics

· Google WebMaster Tools – Advanced Tools for Diagnosing Problems

· Yahoo Site Exlorer – Similar to Google Webmaster Tools

· Responsible Opt-In Emailing Services – Mailing List Setup

· Banner Advertising

· Domain Name Registration

· Website Hosting Services

· Website Design

· Web Application Programming

· Site Content Management Tool

· Site Translation Into Other Languages

However, not all of our clients will benefit from the same set of internet marketing services. That's why every client's package can be customized, ensuring that we never sell a service that our clients do not need.

2) Correcting Unethical SEO

Website owners sometimes discover CyberMark only after investing in an SEO company that used unethical practices to optimize their site, such as doorway pages or invisible text. Instead of ranking higher, their investment in expensive search engine optimization actually ranked them lower in the listings than where they were ranked before. Though there are times when the damage done is so severe that it requires drastic measures – such as contacting the search engines directly – more often than not, correcting unethical SEO is typically a matter of incorporating CyberMark's ethical techniques into a site.

3) Optimizing for Long-Term Results

SEO is not a one-time fix. On the contrary, SEO is an ongoing process that must be managed and maintained on a regular monthly basis for as long as you want your website to rank high in the engines. That's why CyberMark's commitment to honesty, integrity and doing the right thing is directly responsible for the prosperous growth of our business. Our ethical SEO techniques generate both immediate and long-term results.

4) Providing Superior Customer Service

Our clients consistently tell us that CyberMark customer service is unmatched in the industry – all a part of our commitment to keeping the customer happy no matter what, which more often than not means going above and beyond the call of duty to do so.

5) Generating Rank Reports for Accountability

CyberMark runs a monthly rank report detailing the rank of each targeted keyword on 10 of the major search engines, including Google, Yahoo, AOL, MSN, Netscape and more. Though we cannot guarantee a specific spot in the rankings (and we warn clients to avoid SEO companies that do) we can guarantee excellence. These monthly rank reports help prove we're following through on our promise, to our clients and to ourselves.

6) Distributing Monthly Client Newsletters

We consider it our responsibility to educate our clients on search engine optimization – not only when they come on board, but for as long as we are providing their SEO. Though we share new information anytime we are having a one-on-one conversation with a client, the best way of ensuring that all CyberMark clients always have the most up-to-date information is through our monthly newsletter program.

7) Maintaining an Unblemished Record of Membership with the BBB

Since September 2001, CyberMark has been an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Central, Northern and Western Arizona, during which time we have had zero complaints. This speaks volumes to clients who take great comfort in this formal recognition of CyberMark's commitment to integrity.

8 ) Maintaining Membership with the Web Assurance Bureau

In the event that any consumer experiences a financial loss due to the misconduct of a member company, will reimburse that consumer up to $200. This is the only purchase guarantee program of its kind on the internet today. CyberMark has been a member of the Web Assurance Bureau since 1999, with zero complaints!

9) Resolving Issues in a Timely Manner

Whether it's a client's shopping cart that's down or a contact form that isn't working right, our staff responds immediately, devoting themselves to the problem for as long as it takes to get it resolved even if that means staying beyond regular office hours.

10) Resolving Issues Not Related to CyberMark

As an internet marketing business, it is common for clients to turn to us with all of their company’s website issues, whether they are CyberMark’s responsibility or not. Rather than turn them away on a technicality, we go above and beyond to do all we can to help, providing direct tech support when possible or referring them to someone else who can.

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