Take Advantage of Real-Time Searches with Social Media

Sometimes, timing is everything. Last year, Google and Bing unveiled real-time search results that display the latest Twitter, Facebook and blog posts on trending topics. These up-to-the-minute streams can help you promote your business using social media

Real-time indexing lets you know what people are talking about and what they are saying. For instance, at 9:15 a.m. Thursday, January 28, 2010, the hottest topics on Twitter according to Bing were Haiti, iPad and State of the Union. Knowing this is information is valuable because it gives you some insight into what intrigues the public right now.

In turn, you can use this information about what's all the rage on social media to join in the conversation and connect with potential clientele. For instance, if your software development company is developing applications for the iPad, you could take advantage of this trending topic and tweet something along the lines of, “Currently working on an application for the iPad that will revolutionize the way you find local auto mechanics.” Or you could blog about your organization's contributions to the Haiti relief effort. With real-time searches, a well-timed, relevant post on a hot topic could help your business gain exposure and build a following.

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