Special Offer: $100 off All New PPC Campaigns in August

pay-per-click PPC advertising imageLooking to sky-rocket your exposure on the web? Try adding a pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaign. With a PPC ad, your business is guaranteed to show up in search results for the keywords you've purchased. During the entire month of August, CyberMark is offering $100 off all new PPC campaigns.

In addition to assuring your placement at the top of search results, pay-per-click ads are:

  • Budget-friendly. Your cost depends on how many people click on your ad.
  • Fast-acting. Listed immediately, PPC ads are one of the fastest ways to boost the amount of traffic to your website.
  • Easytomonitor. Gauge the performance of your PPC ads through helpful tools such as Google Analytics.
  • Flexible. Easily add or delete keywords as needed.

For each PPC ad we implement, we conduct extensive research to find the keywords that will help you gain the most exposure in the markets you're trying to reach. Our PPC set-up and monthly maintenance includes:

  • Intensive analysis of past campaign success / failures – We analyze past campaigns to determine what is currently working and what is not.
  • Google Analytics analysis – We examine Google Analytics data to determine how well your PPC campaign is performing.
  • Cross-testing. We test out different ads to see which ads are more effective at converting customers.
  • Competitive analysis. We examine your PPC competitors and what keyword terms they are buying.
  • Negative keyword analysis. We find out which keyword terms you do not want to purchase.
  • Content placement research and testing. We research which Google networks are the best for conversions out of content partners (other websites that display Google ads in exchange for commissions), search partners (other major search engines that Google works with) and Google Search.
  • Time of day / day of week analysis. We determine the best time(s) of day and day(s) of the week for conversions.
  • IP address blocking of competition. In some cases, we can block your competitors from viewing or clicking on your ads.
  • Click fraud analysis. We monitor your PPC campaign for click fraud.
  • Full keyword research. We evaluate the advertising potential of each possible keyword for your business.
  • Website change recommendations. We might suggest changes to your website design to help increase conversions.
  • Full-time account representative. We will appoint a knowledgeable, experienced account representative to answer any and all of your questions.
  • Daily monitoring and tweaking of campaign. We monitor the success of your campaign and recommend changes as needed.
  • Monthly phone tracking. We can track all the phone calls you receive from your PPC campaign without you having to change your number on the website. We provide a monthly report containing important information about each call, including caller ID, phone number, time of day, length of time of phone call and much more.
  • Weekly and monthly reports sent from Google and CyberMark Phone Tracking System.

With more than 10 years of experience, CyberMark can develop cost-effective PPC campaigns that will help more customers gain notice of your business almost overnight. To get started with your PPC campaign and take advantage of our August discount, contact us today.

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