In order to manage your Facebook Advertising Campaigns, you will first need to set up a Facebook Ads Account specifically for your business. Follow the steps below to set up a business account and grant CyberMark access to create and manage campaigns on your behalf.

Step 1: Setting up a Facebook Business Manager

1. Go to and click the big blue Create Account button in the top right.

Facebook Business Manager welcome page

2. Enter your business name, your name, and the business email address you want to use to manage your Facebook Business Manager account, then click Next.

Window to create your Facebook Business Manager account

This will prompt you to confirm your identity by logging into your personal Facebook account. NOTE: you will need to have a personal Facebook account in order to set up a business manager account or have access to manage Facebook pages.

3. Enter your business details: address, phone number, and website. You’ll also need to specify that you’ll use this Business Manager account to promote your own business.

Form fields to add in business details on Facebook

4. Check your email for a message with the subject line “Confirm your business email.” Within the message, click Confirm Now.

Step 2. Connect Your Facebook Page

1. From the Business Manager dashboard, click Add Page. Then, in the pop-up box, click Add Page again.

Add Page button on Business Manager setup

2. Start typing the name of your Facebook business page in the text box. Your business page name should autocomplete below, so you can just click on it. Then click Add Page. Assuming you have administrator access to the page you’re trying to add, your request will be approved automatically.

Option to add a Facebook Business Page by company name

Step 3: Create a Facebook Ad Account

1. From the Business Manager settings, click Add Ad Account, then Create Account.

2. Enter your account details, then click Next.

Adding company details window

3. Indicate that you are using the ad account for your own business, then click Create.

Option to choose who the ad account will be used for

Step 5: Grant CyberMark admin access to the account

1. From your Business Manager dashboard, click Business Settings at the top right.

2. In the left menu, click Partners. Under Partner to share assets with, click +Add.

Adding partners to Facebook Business Manager

3. Paste 10153479623514564 into the Partner Business ID field

4. Set the permissions level to Admin Access – Manage Ad Account

5. Click Next

CyberMark can manage permissions for the individuals on their own team from their own Facebook Business Manager account. That means you don’t need to worry about anything else!

For more information on Facebook Business Manager, visit the official guide at