Get the scoop on how digital ads are performing across 20 industries with the latest benchmarks below! Please note that these figures serve as benchmarks, and actual results may vary based on various factors unique to each campaign and industry.

Trends we saw in 2023

  • Cost per lead has increased significantly. The cost per lead has experienced a notable surge, as evidenced by increases across 21 of the 23 industries examined year over year. On average, there has been an almost 20% rise, reflecting the impact of record inflation and an unstable economy, contributing to elevated prices across various sectors.
  • Conversion rate has decreased significantly, with 91% of industries witnessing a decrease, resulting in an average overall decline of 10%.
  • Cost per click has increased only slightly. While the cost per click has seen a slight uptick, with just over 60% of industries experiencing an increase, the overall average rise stands at 5%.
  • Click-through rate has improved. On a positive note, click-through rates have shown improvement, with 91% of industries in our report noting an increase year over year and an average overall rise of 3%.

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