There has been a change in the way that conversion rates from Facebook are being reported. Previously, Facebook’s click metric in our reporting software counted only inline link clicks, which are ad clicks that direct the user to a destination outside of Facebook, such as a location’s landing page. Now, Facebook is including all clicks on the ad. While most of these clicks are the same (user clicks the ad and gets to the landing page), a click can also be registered when someone clicks the photo/video in the ad to expand it or likes/comments/shares the ad. This is not a change that we have any control over, and the new conversion rates are reflected in your reporting. This should serve to provide more accurate conversion rate reporting because it will account for users who click on your ad and then call the business or fill out a Facebook form, but never make it off of Facebook and onto your website.Old Facebook Conversion Rate Formula

total conversions ÷ total inline link clicks = conversion rate

New Facebook Conversion Rate Formula

total conversions ÷ total clicks = conversion rate

What this means for you: Your ads will continue to function as usual and all reporting data has been updated to reflect the new conversion rates, both for the current reporting period and prior periods. Based on the new data, we still anticipate a 10% conversion rate for most accounts, though this may vary based on your marketing objectives (conversion ads have a higher conversion rate than brand awareness ads, for example, but both are important). You should look at the conversion rate trend in the reporting to understand how performance has changed over time.

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