Small Business Website Mistakes You Can’t Afford to Ignore


Getting your website design wrong can be a costly and time-consuming affair that will cost you more than just the money to fix the site itself. You never get a second chance for a great first impression, so it is imperative that your website always looks its best. Here are some common mistakes to avoid making on your small business website.

Your website is one of the most valuable marketing tools your small business has, and naturally you want ensure it is able to answer your customer's questions and promote your products. When a website is outdated, poorly designed, or outright dysfunctional, it can severely impact your marketing and branding efforts. Not only can a bad website cost potential revenue lost from online visitors, but the cost of redesigning the site is too substantial for many small business owners to afford. At CyberMark, we offer high-quality services that give businesses the opportunity to redesign their website or create a new one at a price they can easily afford. To determine whether or not your own website is at risk of leaking revenue, you should examine whether or not it contains any of these common mistakes found on small business websites.

Mistake 1: Outdated Website

If your website looks outdated, no amount of SEO or paid search advertising will dramatically increase your conversion rate. Remember, when a visitor clicks through to your website, they will only remain there for a few seconds to see if the site has what they were looking for. If they see a website that looks like it was designed more than ten years ago and has extremely slow navigation and page load times, they are more likely to browse elsewhere. Update your content management system and be sure to check that all security software is secure and up to date. Then, refresh your website with a redesign optimized for maximum conversions and usability. In addition, make certain that your website includes responsive design so it can be easily accessed on mobile devices.

Mistake 2: No Call-To-Action

Why should your website visitors make a purchase or fill out the contact form on your website? Chances are, if you don't know, neither do they. Whether you want visitors to subscribe to your email newsletter or get a free consultation, your content should direct them to complete that action. The entirety of your website's appearance and copy should be devoted to answering this question for your visitors: “What's in it for me?” If you don't currently offer an incentive for visitors to do business with you, it is something you will need to address.

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Mistake 3: Not Enough Research Behind the Content

Ideally, before redesigning your website or rewriting old copy, you will need to research your target audience and focus your website design to meet the needs of that audience. For example, if your target audience happens to consist of mainly elderly people, a larger font and simple navigation will make your content more accessible than that of your competitors'. If your industry is fairly niche, you will also need to determine whether your ideal customer would understand specific terms and concepts. If not, you may want to appeal to a broader reader.

Mistake 4: Stale or Thin Content

You website needs to contain the most updated information on your products and services. If it does not, you may lose lead generation opportunities as visitors leave your site for another one that is more up to date. Continually verify that your contact information is correct both on your website and on all local business directories. Additionally, if your old text is littered with keywords and incoherent sentence structures, hire a copywriter who can write about your niche industry for the highest conversion rate. A company blog that is updated at least once per month can assist with keeping your website fresh as well.

Mistake 5: Trying to Design and Maintain your Website Yourself

Unless you are skilled in web design and have the time to handle everything from your CMS back end to website design to technical support, you will want to hire a web developer to do this on your behalf. Your website is your customer's first experience with your brand, and as such, is the most valuable marketing tool in your arsenal. Make a great first impression with a stunning website that ranks well, attracts visitors and converts them into leads, and keeps them coming back for more.

At CyberMark, we create beautiful, affordable and effective websites for you, and we take the time to write content designed to increase conversions and boost your SEO. CyberMark has a low-cost monthly leasing option for that is perfect for businesses that want a professionally designed website without a large upfront cost. Our leasing program includes hosting your site and requires just a small down payment and low monthly fee, and your website can be either designed from scratch, or customized from one of our website designs.

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