PPC vs. Organic SEO: Why You Need Both

As an SEO company, we cannot help but notice a troubling trend creeping in to the internet marketing industry. Far too many clients are coming to us confused by what they're hearing about search listings:

“You don't need organic when you have PPC.”

Now thanks to new data from Enquisite, we have further proof that this simply is not true. Though PPC is a valuable tool, organic SEO is absolutely essential.

Enquisite is a web analytics company that tracks search traffic and records the results. Similar to Google analytics, anyone can use Enquisite to track visitor behavior – for both organic and pay per click search listings – and increase conversion rates accordingly.

Anyone who doubts the importance of organic search engine optimization need only consider the following fact discovered in Enquisite's recent research.

For every 1 click on a paid search result, organic listings generate 8.5 clicks!

So it's more than eight times more likely that someone will click on your organic listing than the one you pay for. Yet despite the scales tipping so obviously in favor of organic, investments in internet marketing do not reflect the same.

Spending on PPC is eight times greater than what is spent on organic SEO!

Again, this is not to suggest that PPC is a bad investment. On the contrary, we recommend it to all of our CyberMark clients. Pay per click is a great way of generating traffic immediately until organic SEO kicks in. Plus, conversion rates increase when an organic listing is accompanied by a PPC listing on the same page.

But the bottom line is this – PPC should be a supplement to organic SEO, not an alternative.

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