Portable Press: Press Releases Go Mobile

Press releases provide a great, authoritative way to announce developments in your business – from product launches to humanitarian efforts. While spreading news to a targeted audience, press releases promote your business by getting your name out there. As a bonus, press releases that link back to your website can boost your SEO.

Press releases are distributed among several platforms, including print and web media outlets. Now, many press releases are also transmitted to mobile sources, presenting marketers with more opportunities to bolster their business in this rapidly burgeoning medium.

Currently, there are more than 4 billion wireless users worldwide. And with the mounting popularity of smartphones, users are relying more and more on their mobile devices to get information quickly. To respond to this rise in use, many newspapers, magazines and other news websites have optimized their websites for easy viewing on mobile devices. Also, news mobile applications such as APMobile, Viigo and Business Wire display releases to a growing number of subscribers. Moreover, many wire services, including Business Wire, transmit releases to mobile media sources for no extra cost.

Adding your press release to mobile sources not only gives more users access to your news; it can also help connect with customers. By including handy links to your website and the rest of your contact information, you make it easier for interested customers to get in touch with you.

CyberMark offers professional press release writing as part of our wide range of Internet marketing services. We work with several large wire services to send your press release to well-known media outlets around the world. Contact us to learn more about how we can market your press releases to the mobile media, as well as how you take advantage of this growing market.

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