Noticed a Dip in Your Traffic This Summer? Don't Panic!

website traffic decline imageEach year during the summertime, we at CyberMark receive panicked phone calls from customers concerned about the sudden, noticeable declines in their website traffic. We check these websites, only to find that their listings haven't been affected. If your website traffic this summer isn't quite up to snuff with normal traffic levels, there's no need to fret. These kinds are lulls in traffic are completely normal during the summer as well as in December during the holiday season when vacationing takes a (temporary) toll on website traffic.

As a good deal of surfing the Internet takes place at work, the peak times for Internet usage are during the typical work week (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.). If you notice, your weekly traffic usually drops off during nights and weekends. With more people away from their computers and on vacation in the summer than other times of the year, most website owners are bound to see less website traffic and fewer keyword searches between May and September.

While vacationing is the culprit in most summertime declines, it's still a smart idea to contact CyberMark so we can fully investigate the problem to make sure your lowered traffic isn't due to a more serious (and not likely to be just seasonal) issue than simply the lazy days of summer.

Of course, you can always combat the summertime decline by bolstering your Internet marketing efforts. Look into your current SEO strategy and see how you can increase keyword exposure. Strengthen your web presence with a social media campaign that includes profiles on Facebook and Twitter. For an almost instantaneous boost in traffic, consider pay-per-click advertising. With more marketing, you'll see an increase in traffic, as well as a higher conversion rate from the reduced amount of searches. Contact us today if you would like to add some additional marketing for your site.

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