New Tool Further Improves Google’s “Rich Snippet” Feature

As a way of giving webmasters an opportunity to improve their search engine rankings, this past May Google introduced the ability to add “rich snippets.” Essentially, rich snippets allow webmasters to communicate more in-depth information to searchers that, in turn, gives them a better idea of what they are going to find on a particular website.

In addition to ranking better on Google, this additional information should result in more click-throughs from visitors genuinely interested in the type of content, products and/or services you have to offer.

Though a welcome enhancement, one of the complaints about this new Google feature has been that it does not allow webmasters to see how rich snippets will look in the listings prior to publication. In response, Google has introduced the “Rich Snippets Testing Tool.” Now it is one of many other Google Webmaster Tools that CyberMark will use to help you achieve maximum search engine optimization for you site.

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