Mastering Cross-Platform Social Networking

cross-platform social networkingIf you’re not following and engaging with your fave connections across multiple platforms, you’re missing out on a grand opportunity to maximize your social media investment.

Stand out.

The more connections we have, the more easily our connections get lost. This is especially true for the influencers we are most trying to reach. If they have 50,000 Twitter followers, for example, it can be hard to stand out. But if you connect with influencers across all of their platforms, you’ll more likely be noticed and remembered. This is especially true if you discover a platform where influencers have clearly not amassed the same level of following as on Twitter or Facebook, for example. Think Tumblr, LinkedIn, and maybe even Google Plus.

Catch more content.

You can’t stay glued to the feed on every one of your social media platforms all of the time (as hard as some of us may try). Thus, the more connections you have, the more content you are going to miss. That’s the beauty of following your fave connections across multiple platforms. You might miss important content in your crowded Twitter feed, but catch the same content that your connection posts to Facebook or Google Plus. This way you won’t miss posts that you, number one, really want to see and, number two, really want to like, comment on, and share.

Widen your audience.

As a marketer, you need to be on multiple social media platforms. Your potential customers or clients do not. Some may only use Facebook, others prefer Twitter, and so on. This means that if and when an influencer shares your content with their Facebook followers, only their Facebook fans are going to see it. But if you’re connected to this same influencer on Twitter too, their sharing of your content will likely reach a different audience entirely.

Strengthen your connections.

Etiquette, tone, and style vary across social media platforms. So when you connect with people across all of them, you get a better sense of who they are, and they get a better sense of you. In turn, your connections will naturally be strengthened with people whose sensibilities, so to speak, are more in line with your own.

How To Cross-Network Across Social Media Platforms

1) Identify quality connections on each of your social media platforms.

2) Look for these connections on all of your other social media platforms and, when you find them, follow them there too.

3) Engage with these connections across all platforms. Just be sure to mix it up. For instance, if you comment on someone’s Facebook post then see the same content posted on Google Plus, don’t leave the same comment there too. While it will likely be seen by a largely different audience, your connection sees them both and it can look spammy.

4) Add to each of your social media platforms links to your others (as each platform allows).

5) Post occasional invites for followers of one social media platform to follow you on another, as in “Are you on Twitter? Let’s connect there too.” with a link to your Twitter page.

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