Make the Most of Your Social Media with the Right Strategy

shutterstock_114119137When the weekend comes after a long week of work most people are faced with two options: stay in, order pizza and catch up on your favorite television shows or call up friends, make plans and go out. While staying in might feel more comfortable and like less work, going out can be rewarding and lead to meeting new people or even new opportunities.

Just like with your social life, social media is all about how much effort you put into it.

Strategy One consists of sharing a few things every so often, mostly content that's just a regurgitation of things your readers have already seen.

Strategy Two involves learning from others and creating a strategy that will attract and engage your readers in a meaningful way.

All too often people don't put the necessary time or energy into social media and then after a few months of little to no results, claim that it isn't working for them. If you are really looking to get results from your social media, your strategy must involve time for discovery, planning and proper measurement.


If you were planning an evening out on the town, it's likely that you would plan where you were going to go before leaving your house. After all, planning will help you avoid wasting precious time.

Similarly, with social media, you need to do your homework. Having a killer Twitter strategy won't help you if the majority of your customer base isn't on Twitter. An experienced social media consultant can help you run a query on a variety of social platforms to determine how many people in your target market are utilizing each particular site and with what frequency.


Once you have a good idea of who your customers are and the type of interaction they prefer, you will have a much better idea of how to impress and engage them on an ongoing basis. Monitoring the way these potential customers interact on social networks can give you great insight into how to appeal to your target market.


How will you ever know if your strategy is working without proper measurement? By measuring your progress on various social networks, you will have a much better way of knowing if your strategy works or if it needs some adjusting. A skilled social media manager will have an ever-evolving strategy based on how your networks are measuring.

If you're looking to amp up your current social media strategy, CyberMark International can help you get results. Contact us today for an evaluation of your current social media sites and to see what we can do for you.

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