Involver: A Facebook Page Godsend

With social media marketing, you can increase your web presence, grow your network and boost your SEO. And with more than 500 million users of all ages, income levels and nationalities, Facebook is one of the best social media sites on which to market. Today, creating a Facebook page is one of the smartest ways to promote your business or brand.

Facebook offers a growing list of applications to help you customize your Facebook page, whether you want to add a photo gallery or your blog. Unfortunately, some Facebook page apps are less than reliable. Some work like gangbusters for a while, then abruptly stop working; others simply don't work from day one.

Recently, in our search for functional Facebook apps, we came across Involver. Involver is a social media marketing platform that has developed more than 30 useful apps for Facebook pages, including several free apps. Although Involver is a newcomer, many social media marketers have reported great success with its apps.

Involver offers the following free apps for Facebook pages:

  • RSS Feed – Adds your blog RSS feed.
  • Photo Gallery –Shows off your photos in a rich carousel format.
  • YouTube Channel – Broadcasts your YouTube channel.
  • Flickr – Synchronizes your Flickr photos and photo galleries with your Facebook page.
  • Twitter –Displays your Twitter feed.

  • File-Sharing –Posts downloadable media, including videos, MP3s and more.
  • Slides – Presents PowerPoint presentations in an easily-viewable format that doesn't require downloading.
  • PDFs – Shares menus, presentations and other PDFs without downloading.
  • Promotion Gallery – Informs users of your other Facebook pages.

With a paid account, Involver offers premium versions of these apps as well as more advanced apps, including a custom welcome tab, chatroom, embedded Flash player and more. Visit the Involver website for a complete listing and description of all Involver apps.

At CyberMark, we're always on the lookout for helpful tools such as Involver that can help liven up your Internet marketing strategy. We can craft social media campaigns for your organization that use the latest, greatest technology available to help promote your business. Contact us for more details.

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