Internet Marketing Trends 2014 (Part 7 of 11): Video Marketing

As important as it is to grow the traffic to your site, another number will always matter more.

Whether you want visitors to buy a product, request a free trial, or sign up for an email, what matters most is how many of them actually convert.

Here's how video marketing can help: Part 7 in the blog series inspired by our free eBook, 11 Internet Marketing Trends 2014.

Video marketing helps increase conversion rates by:

1) Drawing visitors into your site.

With so much to see and do online, we have to make fast judgment calls. So if there is anything about a site we don't like at first sight, that's good cause to move on.

More than that, though, we're looking for something special. Something that attracts our attention, looks promising, and inspires us to stay.

Video is the single-most dynamic tool you have for standing out.

2) Reinforcing other forms of messaging on the page.

Copy alone can certainly be convincing enough to inspire a conversion, especially when supplemented with compelling images. But sometimes we need a little something more, and video can do to the trick.

Describing how your product or service works, and showing images representative of that, cannot replace the experience of actually seeing your product or service in action. Think demos, how-to's, or behind-the-scenes video of your staff on the job.

3) Appealing to visitors who won't read your copy.

Considering how much effort goes into writing copy for your website, you'd like to think people take the time to read every carefully chosen word, but that is rarely ever the case.

Even those of us who do read your content won't read it from start to finish. We'll scan it (which is why a simplified, scannable format is so essential), picking up on only the most easily-digestible information.

Then there are those of us who won't read your copy at all.

Certainly, we'll see a word here, a line there, but copy alone won't be enough to reach us. Pictures help, but video can be an invaluable means of reaching those of us for whom action always speaks louder than the written word.

4) Showing personality.

Done right, the personality of your business shines through every element on your site, from copy to design. But there is no better way of giving your website a personal touch than with video of real, live people – be it an interview with your CEO, testimonial from a customer, or even your very own company talk show.

5) Increasing your credibility.

Anyone can write anything, but that doesn't make it true. Visitors to your site are well aware of this, thus the power of video to make believers of us all. Any number of video content ideas can help build credibility for your site, particularly customer testimonials, webinars, and live Q&A's or roundtable discussions.

6) Keeping visitors on your site longer.

It's no secret that keeping visitors on your website longer makes for increased conversion rates. What's less universally known, though, is that video represents a particularly effective way of doing that. In fact, studies show that people who watch videos on a website have an average increased conversion rate of more than 400 percent!

You'll find more information about video marketing in the eBook. Click here to download Internet Marketing Trends 2014. It's easy, fast, and free.

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