Internet Marketing Trends 2014 (Part 11 of 11): Conversion Analysis

Is there anything more frustrating about internet marketing than doing everything right only to have the single most important thing go wrong?

You build a great website. You write compelling content. You have quality products and services. You even have a steady stream of traffic.

And still the worst happens: Your leads don’t convert.

They’re not buying your products. They’re not contacting you for more information. They’re not subscribing to your newsletter. They’re not even requesting your free samples.

If only you knew why.

Well, you can come pretty darn close with a nifty little tool called conversion analysis.

By installing a simple code into your website’s HTML, you can actually see (from your computer screen) what visitors are doing on your site. You can see where their cursor moves, what they click, where they get confused, where they convert, where they leave, and more.

Conversion analysis answers some of the most pressing questions about the performance of your website:

1) What is the first page that visitors click when they arrive on your site?

2) Where are visitors moving their cursor?

3) How far are they scrolling down the page?

4) Are they seeing your call-to-action element?

5) Do visitors spend a long time searching for what they want on your site?

6) Do they click back-and-forth a lot among links, clearly unable to find what they’re looking for?

7) Are visitors drawn into your content or do they bounce around a lot from one page to the next?

8) Do a large percentage of conversions happen after following the same path of pages?

9) Do visitors who take a different path fail to convert more than most?

10) Which pages of your site have the highest (and lowest) conversion rates?

11) How long is it taking them to get there?

12) Which pages on your site are not only failing to convert, but sending your visitors somewhere else?

Once you know all of this, you’ll have a clear idea of what needs improvement where – from copy and design, to the placement of call-to-action elements. So instead of making arbitrary decisions – blindly hoping a change here or a change there makes a difference – the changes to your website will be strategic ones that you can test and tweak with confidence and care.

To learn more about conversion analysis, download our ebook, Internet Marketing Trends 2014. It’s easy, fast, and free. Or contact us for information about CyberMark’s conversion analysis service.

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