How Will the Google Caffeine Update Affect Your SEO?

In recent months Google has been tweaking its web search infrastructure, meaning we are going to see changes coming soon in how search results are configured. Though most users probably won't notice a difference, Google wants to know what web developers think of the “Caffeine” update so they decided to give us a preview.

Based on a preview of Google's next generation infrastructure, testing by our web developers here at CyberMark has concluded that search results for our clients will not be affected much at all by the new changes. That's a direct result of the ethical search engine optimization techniques CyberMark uses to achieve rankings.

Unlike risky SEO techniques or inexperienced SEO companies, CyberMark knows how to optimize sites so our clients' rankings are generally not impacted by changes, or updates like Caffeine, to search engine algorithms.

The new Google infrastructure is expected to include:

  • More comprehensive crawling of the internet
  • New guidelines for determining reputation and authority
  • Returning relevant results more quickly

When the new Google update goes live, CyberMark will conduct additional testing. Should any of our clients' listings be negatively affected, we will take the necessary steps to make changes accordingly so as to maintain high rankings.

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