How to Bring Back Old Blog Content

Your company may recycle cans and bottles, but does it recycle old blog content? Chances are that your blog contains a few perennial gems worth trotting out again every once in a while. Although it's not new content, sharing your old content can still contribute to your link building by increasing your click-through rate, crawl depth and, possibly, your rankings. There are several ways to re-present tried-and-true blog content to pique the interest of readers and drive more traffic to your site.


Group together your most popular or most commented-on posts to generate even more interest in these articles. Display prominently on your blog to give readers an idea of your site's most beloved articles and/or post links to the articles in one blog post and share on Twitter or Facebook.

Related Posts

Get interested readers to stay on your blog longer by including links to other articles related to the post they're reading. For instance, for this article, it would be best to link to other articles with tips about blogging and/or strategic linking. If you're hosting your blog on WordPress, try generating related article posts by using the Yet Another Related Posts Plug-In, which finds and automatically displays relevant articles by title, body content, categories and tags as specified.


Another way to bring back previously published content is through round-ups, or groupings of articles along the same theme. This can be as simple as sharing all articles under the same blog tag (“all blog posts that mention Google”), category (“all articles under the category ‘pay-per-click marketing'”) or time frame (“all June 2010 blog posts,” or “Stories from this week”). Round-ups can also be more editorial, such as “Our favorite lawn care tips for spring.” Like showing related posts, round-ups give readers more content to read on the subjects that interest them.

Of course, there's nothing like new content, but why not get as much mileage as possible out of your already existing blog posts?

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