Google’s Latest Updates

Google Changes How It Handles rel=”nofollow”

At a recent SEO seminar, Google engineer Matt Cutts announced in a Q and A setting that Page Rank Sculpting using the rel=”nofollow” attribute no longer works as it once did. Google has not clarified any further on the issue. It remains to be seen how this will affect SEO, and while CyberMark does use PageRank sculpting on select websites, we do not expect to see any negative effects from this algorithm update.

Google Follows JavaScript

JavaScript has never provided any value to search engines, and as such has never been indexed or crawled by the search engines. Due to this fact, both black hat and white hat SEO's have routinely used JavaScript to hide certain information from the search engines. Ethics aside, JavaScript has been used for many years for many different techniques, good and bad. That is until now. Google announced it is now indexing and crawling JavaScript files.

As with the nofollow update referenced above, CyberMark does use this technique (in ethical ways) but has not and does not expect to see any negative effects of this change. Plus, we have techniques to combat this change that are very easily implemented.

These latest updates, like all search engine algorithm updates over the years, have not negatively affected CyberMark clients. It proves that CyberMarks research and development continues to be on target with what the search engines are doing now and in the future.

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