Google Places Officially Launches Enhanced Listings

Google Places enhanced listing

We have great news for any business looking to boost their local SEO. Google Places (formerly known as Google Local) has officially launched its enhanced local listings, which we blogged about back in February and in April. Until now, enhanced local listings were in beta mode and only available in a few select U.S. cities and for only a handful of search terms. Now, for just $25 per month, you can highlight your Google Places listing with coupons, videos and other enhancements. Your enhanced listing will appear in search results with a bright yellow tag, helping to catch the eye of potential customers and giving you an edge over your competitors. CyberMark can help you take advantage of this brand-new service to promote your local business.

With an enhanced listing, you can emphasize a certain aspect of your business. You can entice more local customers with a special offer or coupon. Does your business have a terrific photo gallery? You can show it off with an enhanced listing. Currently, you can choose from the following enhancements:

  • Website for your business
  • Photos of your business
  • Videos of your business
  • Coupons for your listing
  • Menu for your restaurant
  • Reservations page for your business
  • Posts for your business

Your listing will show in all of the places it used to show — but now it’s eligible to show with your tag so your listing stands out above the rest.

Please keep in mind that enhancing your listing won’t help it show more often than it already does. You can highlight the information a customer sees — possibly making your listing more attractive to the user — but it won’t increase how often your listing is shown.

We recommend including as much rich information about your business as you can in your listing. Your listing will stand out more with its tag, so you want to be sure that when a user clicks on your listing, they will find what they’re looking for. Google Places local listings should be an important part of any regional company's local marketing strategy.

What can I do to help my Google Places listings to show up? Get your customers to give you reviews in your listings. According to the Google Places algorithm, the more reviews your listing receives, the higher your listing will be. Just e-mail your most loyal customers the link to your review page.

CyberMark can assist you with your enhanced listing. We will just require a credit card for Google's billing process. Please contact Duane in submissions at or ext 234 for assistance.

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