Found in Search This Week: June 18, 2010

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Facebook Reports Almost $800 Million in 2009 Revenue

Apparently, Facebook's explosive growth is even larger than experts thought. According to Reuters, The social media giant earned just shy of $800 million in revenue in 2009. This figure is considerably higher than the estimated 2009 revenue of $500 million and surpasses even 2010 revenue estimates of $710 million. As of May 2010, Facebook had approximately 123 million unique visitors per month. This is up from about 86 million unique visitors per month just one year earlier. And in March 2010, Facebook overtook Google as the most visited website.

YouTube Launches Online Video Editor

For many of us out there, editing video is a tangled mess of trying (and failing) to understand complicated software instructions. But with YouTube's new online video editor, video editing is quick and hassle-free. This new video editor allows users to combine shorter videos into one long video, trim the beginning and end of videos, add a soundtrack to videos using one of the songs in the AudioSwap library and create videos without worrying about uploading. Perhaps best of all, this tool is available without having to download software. You can check out this video editor at TestTube, where you will also find such experimental YouTube features as CaptionTube, which lets you add captions to videos; HTML 5 Video, a beta test version of YouTube's HTML 5 video player; and Insights for Audience, which provides analytics about YouTube audiences.

Google Upgrades Its Commerce Search

Google has tweaked its commerce search, an ecommerce system with a powerful product search function. Dubbed Google Commerce Search 2.0, the newest version of the commerce search features greater merchant customization, query auto-completion for easier search and an improved browsing function. Google also rolled out a new pricing model for the new and improved Google Commerce Search, with prices starting at an affordable $25,000 per year.

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