Found in Search This Week: July 9, 2010

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Mozilla Releases Firefox 4 Beta 1

Mozilla has released the first beta version of the highly anticipated Firefox 4.0. The new and improved browser offers many upgrades and new features, including enhanced HTML5 and CSS support, faster operation and increased security. With about a 30 percent marketshare, Firefox is the second most popular browser behind Internet Explorer, which is used by about 50 percent of Internet users worldwide. Firefox faces stiff competition from Google Chrome, which has doubled in users in the last six months. To download the latest version of Firefox, click here.

Twitter Search Volume Jumped 33 Percent Since April

According to recent comments made by Twitter co-founder Biz Stone at the Aspen Ideas Festival, Twitter is now handing an average of 800 million searches per day. This is a 33 percent increase from the 600 million daily Twitter search volume reported by Stone at the Twirp Festival in April. Displaying updates in real time, Twitter is fast becoming one of most popular ways to find the latest news on hot topics. Twitter's growth as a search platform is due in part to its massive growth. The social network and microblogging platform gains roughly 300,000 new users per day.

Sneak Peek of Digg 4.0 Made Available to Select Users

A handful of users can now view the latest version of social news giant Digg at Digg allows users to submit links where other users can “digg” stories they like and “bury” stories they don't. According to sneak previews, Digg's newest incarnation offers many changes both big and small, designed to make the site more social and simpler to use. For starters, users will be able to connect Digg to the e-mail, Facebook and Twitter accounts to find more people to follow. Also, Digg has greatly simplified its submission process to one screen. One of the biggest changes to Digg is the ability for publishers to verify ownership of a site, allowing for automatic submissions of content to Digg. As this is the alpha version, Digg 4.0's beta testing is likely to bring even more features that make it easy to share content. No official word has been issued for the release date of Digg 4.0.

Google Makes Over Google News

Google has revamped and released a new version of Google News to English-language users in the U.S. With the redesign, users now have greater customizable control over the types of news that appear in their searches. Google News now features a “News for You” section, which displays news tailor-made to user preferences. Users can also select news sources they'd like to see more or less often simply by adjusting their news settings. The left-hand column will still feature the world's top stories. The right-hand column will feature more locally focused content, including weather and breaking stories. This video from Google provides a more in-depth look at the Google News revamp.

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