Found in Search This Week: July 30, 2010

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Google Mobile Market Share Estimated at Nearly 100 Percent

According to StatCounter data, almost all Internet searches conducted on mobile phones are through Google Search. In July, Google accounted for 98.29 percent of all mobile Internet searches, with Yahoo! at .81 percent and Bing at .46 percent. One year ago, StatCounter estimated Google's mobile market share at 95.56 percent. In the overall search market, Google accounts for roughly 70 percent of all searches.

Blekko: A New Contextual Search Engine

The beta-test version of Blekko, a new search engine that allows users to add “spin” to search results, launched earlier this week. With Blekko, users can conduct searches within certain contexts using slashtags. For instance, if you wanted to search for the liberal perspective of health care, you would add “/liberal” to your search. Currently, Blekko is only available by invitation. You can get an invitation by following Blekko on Twitter or liking them on Facebook.

YouTube Ups Video Lengths to 15 Minutes

YouTube announced Thursday that video time limits have been increased to 15 minutes, granting users an additional five minutes of video time. The decision to allow longer video lengths came after YouTube put stricter anti-copyright infringement measures in place, making it less likely that users will post lengthy blocks of movies and TV shows without permission. To get the word out about the longer time limit, YouTube is running a contest titled “15 Minutes of Fame.” Contest winners will be featured on the front page of YouTube. To participate, post a 15-minute long video with the tag “yr15minutes” by Wednesday, August 4.

Google Search Fully Blocked in China

Already tense relations between China and Google have become even more strained as reports show that Google Search and many other Google applications are completely blocked in mainland China. Earlier this year, a group of Chinese hackers compromised the Google infrastructure. In response to the attack, Google decided it would no longer company with the Chinese government's censorship of search results. Currently, Google Image Search, Google Docs, Google News and Google Groups are partially blocked while Google Search, YouTube, Google ads, Google Sites, Blogger and Picasa are fully blocked in China.

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