Found in Search This Week: August 6, 2010

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Google Calms Google Wave

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, as we know how excited you were to finally get that Google Wave invite back in 2009, but Google has decided to stop any future development on the collaborative communication tool after a tepid response from users. Featuring character-by-character live typing and drag-and-drop file transfer, Google Wave was once hailed as a likely successor to e-mail and instant messaging. Many of Google Wave's innovative features are open source, we're likely to see more of them in the near future.

Google Places Allows Business Owners to Respond to Reviews

If a review posted on Google Places (formerly Google Local) about your business has ever left you wanting to put in your two cents, now you can. Google announced on Wednesday that business owners who have claimed their business' listing on Google Places can now respond publicly to customer reviews. Being able to interact with customers, whether they've had a positive or negative experience, is a good way to build and deepen customer relationships. To help business owners craft better responses to feedback, Google has crafted this helpful guide.

Flickr Photo Page Gets a Facelift

Yahoo!'s photo-sharing website Flickr finished rolling out its fancy, new photo pages to all users. The new-fangled pages boast several features to help you show off your prized images in style, including bigger photo views (the default photo view is now 28 percent larger than before); simpler, faster navigation; more social media sharing options; and discussion features. As of October 2009, Flickr claims to host more than 4 billion images.

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