Found in Search This Week: August 27, 2010

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Yahoo announced on Tuesday that the conversion from Yahoo-powered search results to Micropsft Bing-powered Yahoo! English-language search results in the U.S. and Canada is complete. Yahoo web, image and video searches on desktop and mobile devices are now powered using Bing search technology.

The transition is the result of a Microsoft-Yahoo alliance formed last year in which Bing will power Yahoo search in exchange for ad revenue from Yahoo.

The changeover is expected to be completed for all languages and countries by early 2011.

Google Beefs Up Its Real-Time Search

Google Real-Time Search, which displays status updates from Twitter, Facebook and FriendFeed in real time, launched a new home page as well as additional features.

From the new Google Real-Time Search home page, users can filter real-time search results by several criteria, including location. Users can see status updates relating to their search query made by others near them or within a specified locale.

Real-time search also launched a new “Full Conversation” feature, which allows users to view entire conversations that mention the search topic.

Users can now set Google Alerts to receive real-time search results about a specified topic in their e-mail inboxes or Google Reader feeds.

For more information, Google has posted a blog and video that explains real-time search in detail.

Digg 4.0 Goes Live

The newest version of Digg (Digg 4.0), which has only been open to invited users for the last few months, officially went live to all users earlier this week.

The new Digg boasts an easier and faster content submission process, greater customization and additional opportunities for online socializing.

As Digg founder Kevin Rose said in a blog post announcing the launch on Wednesday, “Our goal has always been for Digg to be a place where people can discover and share content and conversations from anywhere on the web. With Digg v4, we are introducing a few things that will make discovering and discussing news a lot better.”

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