Found in Search: September 3, 2010

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Sponsored Google Maps Icons Testing in the U.S.

Google Maps is currently testing sponsored map icons, in which a company logo would represent a place instead of a generic icon, in the U.S. The feature was previously tested back in March with the Australian version of Google Maps. Presently, Google Maps displays icons according to the popularity of the business.

According to Google product manager Matthew Leske, the feature is currently being tested with a few recognizable bands, including Target, Bank of America and Public Storage. The test is intended to see how users interact with the company-specific icons. If the reaction is positive, Google will release the option to more companies.

The sponsored icons can be viewed in web search and mobile search results.

Google Simplifies Finding Blogs in Search

Google added a filter to search that makes it easier to find blogs, not just blog posts.

When users search blogs on for a certain topic, the filter appears on the left-side menu. The default view is individual blog posts, but users can opt to see the homepage of the blog as well.

Google Blog Search does not have this filter, but it does list blog homepages at the top of search results.

Yahoo Adds Geographically Based Suggestions to Search Assist

Yahoo announced earlier this week on its blog that its Search Assist, which makes search suggestions based on popular searches as users are typing, will now make suggestions based on the location of the searcher. For instance, when those searching in the Phoenix area type in “Diamondback,” “Arizona Diamondbacks” appears first.

The new feature is designed to simplify the search experience by taking users' search location into account.

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