Compelling Content for Bigger and Better Website Marketing in 30 Days

What's the point of driving traffic via website marketing without the quality content to back it up? Not only will your conversion ratio suffer but you're not likely to see the same visitors again.

From your website, to your blog, to social networking, compelling content is key to:

  1. Fulfilling the implied promise of providing valuable information
  2. Earning credibility as an expert in your field
  3. Building trust in your products or services
  4. Encouraging return visits for new, updated material
  5. Projecting a professional image that speaks to the pride you take in creating a valuable online resource

In other words, the quality of content on your website, blog and social media profiles should not suffer for the sake of keyword integration. Start stuffing too many phrases in there and the SEO you're going for will mean little as the visitors who find you will also find you have nothing of interest to say.

To create compelling content:

· Research, research, research! From industry news to your own products or services, share with readers timely information filled with facts, statistics and other tidbits of knowledge.

· Write in a conversational tone. When you're trying to reach human beings with your message the last thing you want to sound like is a machine churning out “corporate speak.” If what's written on your website, blog or social media sites can't easily be spoken then it's probably not that easy (or fun) reading it either.

· Format your text into a reader-friendly format. There is little point to writing compelling, informative content if you are planning to present it as one big block of text. Break it up as much as possible into easily-digestible segments:

o Vary the length of your paragraphs

o Use bulleted and numbered lists

o Break up text with sub-headers

o Bold or italicize key points

Also keep in mind when creating compelling content that less is (almost) always better. Say what you need to say, but in as few words as possible.

Throughout this blog series, “30 Days to Bigger and Better Website Marketing,” please direct any questions to our contact us page or ask via the comments section of this blog.

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