Can the quality of your website affect SEO?

shutterstock_112403558Having a professional and attractive website layout is one of the most important components of user experience. In most cases, the aesthetics of your site represent the quality of the work and products you provide and can even give you an edge over the competition. But beyond natural human preference, can the look and feel of your website actually affect SEO? The answer is a resounding ‘yes.'

The quality of your website design has an impact on the overall success of your SEO campaign in three major ways:

  • It is the main mission of major search engines to provide the highest quality content to ensure their users have a positive experience when performing searches. Therefore, in order to increase the likelihood of a positive experience, the top search results must include websites that not only contain good, relevant information to the user's search query, but also provide the user with a good experience once they are on the site.
  • The website must be able to show that it converts site visitors into leads and/or sales. An aesthetically-pleasing, professionally built website is much more likely to produce leads and/or sales than a low quality site. First page rankings do little good if your site turns off prospective customers.
  • A low quality website ultimately contributes to higher bounce rates and low average time on a site. Both of these metrics contribute to how well your site ranks. Even if your site is filled with incredible content, people are less likely to stick around and read it if your site looks outdated. Simply put, if people aren't spending much time on your website, the search engines consider it less valuable and will rank you accordingly.

As our culture's reliance on the internet increases exponentially with every passing day, having a high-quality, professionally built website becomes more and more important. In order to stay ahead of the competition, your website really has to be the complete package: professional, modern, user-friendly design and high-quality, relevant, unique content.

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