Why Tumblr Is Serious SEO Business

shutterstock_137694818If you doubt a platform like Tumblr is appropriate for a business like yours, you’re not alone. Many businesses and internet marketers discount this microblogging phenomenon. Unfortunately, they do so at great expense. Not only does Tumblr have over 300 million active users, but it’s a goldmine for SEO potential.


Unlike Facebook or Twitter, Tumblr gives “dofollow” credit for links posted there. This means every time you post a link in your Tumblr blog to content on your main website, the search engines are instructed to follow the link and give the linked-to site (i.e., your site) the kind of credit that helps increase your PageRank.

But that’s not all.

Tumblr reblogs are also dofollow. So every time other Tumblr users reblog (or share) one of your posts, the post itself gets dofollow credit, as well as the website linked to within the post. This is huge, as Tumblr is particularly reshare-friendly, meaning there is great potential for your posts there to go viral, helping to boost your main website’s SEO in the process (not to mention your brand).


1) Install a professional Tumblr theme.

You may go ahead and choose from a selection of Tumblr themes available to you in the Customize section of your Tumblr blog. However, a Google search will turn up a wealth of other Tumblr themes you can easily install via the Edit HTML button in your blog’s Customize section.

2) Post compelling content that’s easily scannable.

Tumblr users scan their Tumblr feeds much like users on Facebook or Twitter. So it’s important to post compelling content that catches the eye and quickly makes your point.

Photos, videos, and quotes are particularly popular for reblogging potential.

As for text-intensive posts, be mindful of your formatting, breaking up blocks of text with sub-headers, short paragraphs, bullet points, and images. Keep in mind, you can reserve more in-depth content for the static Tumblr pages you can create for your blog so as to keep your actual blog posts as easily consumable as possible.

3) Use hashtags.

While a number of social media platforms utilize hashtags, they’re particularly popular on Tumblr as a means of content discovery. So be sure you add relevant hashtags to every post. You may be surprised to see how many reblogs you get from people who aren’t even following you simply because your posts come up in hashtag searches.

4) Post frequently.

Once you establish your Tumblr blog as a good source of reblogging potential, Tumblr users will increasingly look to you for content. Give them what they want, as in at least one Tumblr blog post per day. On any other blogging platform, this may be challenging. But your blog posts to Tumblr can be short and sweet.

5) Engage with relevant Tumblr blogs.

There is no other blogging platform as conducive to social media interaction as Tumblr, so make the most of it. Search for relevant Tumblr blogs by hashtag; follow those who post relevant, compelling content; and like, comment, and reblog their content on a regular basis. After all, the more you engage and share the content of others, the more likely they will do the same for you.

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