Why Every Ecommerce Business Needs a Google Merchant Account

If your business conducts ecommerce, CyberMark highly recommends that you get a Google Merchant account if you don't have one already. Formerly known as Google Base, a Google Merchant account allows you to promote your products on Google, the most used search engine in the world. With Google Merchant, you can give your products much more exposure online in order to boost sales.

Here are a few ways you can benefit from a Google Merchant account:

  • Upload your product feed to Google.com and Google Product Search so that your products come up more easily in Google searches.
  • Sync your Google Merchant account with your Google AdWords account so that you can more easily and effectively feature your uploaded products in pay-per-click ads.
  • Integrate your Google Merchant account with Google Checkout for easy, convenient and secure online transactions.

If you need help setting up your Google Merchant account, CyberMark can help. We can help you create an account, properly load and update your product feed, monitor the performance of your feed and so much more. Contact us today to take your ecommerce business to the next level.

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