Use E-Mail Marketing to Boost Social Media

Regularly e-mailing a newsletter or bulletin helps promote your goods and services with compelling, useful content. Your newsletter can also be used to alert recipients to your presence on social media such as Facebook or Twitter. Help build and solidify your online following with these tips:

• Add links to your social media sites in your newsletter to boost traffic. According to a recent study conducted by Marketing Sherpa, including direct links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can help increase inbound traffic to these sites as much as 1000 percent.

If your company has any social media profiles, avoid a cluttered newsletter by only including a few links to social media sites that your primary audience is likely to be using at the time of publication.

• Allow social sharing. Many e-mail newsletters include a forward to a friend option, further increasing reader interaction by allowing readers to pass on articles of interest to others on social media sites.

For the most effective way to share, allow readers to share individual articles rather than the entire newsletter. This way, you can also monitor which articles generated the most interest by how many times they were forwarded to others.

To bring cross-promotion full circle, make sure to encourage your social media followers to subscribe to your online newsletter as well.

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