Twitter Offers New Features for Businesses

Twitter is about to get more business-friendly. Following in the footsteps of social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter is currently beta-testing its new business center, which offers several new features to help businesses manage their accounts. Here are a few features that will become available to businesses in coming months:

Multiple contributors – With a professional account, multiple users can log in and post updates, which are attributed with bylines. Contributors can be granted enhanced access, which allows users to update and view the dashboard or partial access, which simply allows users to update.

An example of a Twitter contributor byline from Starbuck’s Twitter account.

Verified accounts – Previously available only to celebrities and other high-profile Twitterers, verified accounts are accounts that have been deemed the authentic and official voice for an entity. Once a business activates its account, it will be automatically verified.

With a professional Twitter account, businesses are automatically verified, conveying an official voice. Also, businesses can receive direct messages from any Twitter user, not just users they’re following.

Direct messages from any follower – Currently, Twitter users can only receive direct messages from users they follow. With this new feature, businesses can receive direct messages from anyone, whether they follow them or not. For businesses that handle customer service through Twitter, this means that customer correspondence can be handled completely in private.

Currently, these new features are only available to a few select professional accounts. There has been no official word from Twitter about a release date of its business center or whether these features will be available free of charge. As these features are in beta testing, they are likely to change in coming months. We’ll keep you posted on these exciting new features and how they can potentially benefit your business.

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