Tumblr: Reap the Benefits of Microblogging

Blogging is a great and informal way to inform potentially interested customers about developments in your company or industry. A well-tended-to company blog can also benefit your SEO; Search engines love the consistently updated site content a company blog provides. Also, blog entries offer plenty of opportunities for linking back to your website content, which can help boost your search engine ranking as well.

However, writing substantial blog entries on a regular basis takes time and effort. Posting updates on social networking sites provides a quick and easy way to build and maintain a healthy web presence with shareable content. But as this medium favors shorter posts, it can be difficult to communicate anything sizable.

For a quick and easy blogging outlet with the sharing capabilities of social media, consider microblogging with Tumblr. A blog with Tumblr, known as a tumblog, combines the best of both worlds to give you a simple way to communicate and interact with an interested public.

Able to accommodate several types of content, Tumblr is particularly well suited to multimedia bloggers. Tumblr offers several display options for text, photo, quote, link, chat, audio and video.

Like with social networking, your tumblog can garner a following and, in turn, you can follow other tumblogs. New blog posts for the tumblogs you're following appear in a centralized dashboard you can view every time you're logged in.

Unlike traditional blogging platforms, Tumblr provides several ways for your tumblog followers to give feedback on your posts. Users can not only comment on blogs, but “like” and even “reblog” an entry that particularly jives with them, giving you several opportunities to interact with your followers.

With its simplicity and an array of pre-made layouts to choose from, Tumblr is a great choice for those looking for a turnkey blogging platform. But your tumblog can be customized just as easily. With a little HTML know-how, you can easily personalize your tumblog theme to fit your needs. Also, Tumblr now allows users to add static pages such as an About Us to their tumblog. These pages can be in the same theme as the rest of your tumblog or use a separate layout altogether.

Tumblr offers several different ways to post. If you need to update your tumblog but are away from your computer, you can update your blog through your smartphone using the Tumblr app. There's even an option to call in audio posts.

If you're looking for something in between a conventional blog and a social networking profile, Tumblr is a fantastic option. At CyberMark, we can advise you on choosing and setting up a company blog or micro-blog that aligns with your Internet marketing strategy. Contact us for more details.

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