The Never-Ending Story of SEO

Now and then a client who's been with CyberMark for a while will ask a question that speaks to the true nature of search engine optimization: “Do I really need to keep doing SEO?” Typically their search engine rankings are great, and have been – consistently so – for a long time. In their view, our search engine optimization was successful, so why keep up with the monthly service.

What many website owners do not realize is that SEO is not something you do once and then move on from. In fact, search engine optimization is a process that never ends.

4 Reasons You Can Never Let SEO Go

1) When search engine algorithms change, so do the rules. Problem is, they change all the time. It's the job of SEO experts like us to know how to respond. What we've been doing with great success in the past may not carry much weight anymore, so we have to find new ways of keeping our clients ranking high.

2) Every day, your competitors are aggressively targeting the same keywords as you. Or they're discovering new popular search terms that you're not targeting at all, but should be. It's our job to keep track of these developments to be sure you don't get left behind.

3) Link popularity is one of the most important elements of search engine optimization. The more quality websites that link to you – with content relevant to yours – the more the search engines perceive you as an authority on your topic and rank you accordingly. Building these kinds of external links to your website is not easy, and it's not something that should be done all at once. That's why we have a program in place for building these links naturally, over time, which is what the search engines want to see.

4) New trends in search engine optimization are popping up all the time. As SEO experts, we make it our job to immerse ourselves in industry news and embrace these new trends so we can put them to work for our clients.

When we put it that way to website owners who question the importance of ongoing SEO services, they seem rather relieved to be getting all that for what's really little more than a nominal monthly fee when compared to the results.

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