Succeeding with SEO in 2013

2012 has been an interesting year for search engine marketers. With the variety of changes Google released with regards to their algorithm updates and new tools like “AuthorRank,” and “Link Disavow Tool,” there have been plenty of changes. As is expected, the coming year will present new obstacles and opportunities for search engine optimization, so here is a look at what's to come:

Organic CTR Will Keep Declining

Google will keep featuring its products, such as YouTube, Google+, product listing ads, and Google Local. Meaning these sites will be especially valuable if you're interested in increased visibility. Additionally, it is possible that we may see a reduced number of organic listings on page 1 of search results. This limited exposure will mean that every spot on that first page will be more valuable.

Emphasis on Conversions

Currently the traffic potential of each organic placement on the first page of search results is slowly declining. Eventually this will lead to aggressive conversion rate testing. Marketers have tried for years to maximize the efficiency of every marketing dollar, and with the cost of each organic visit increasing, conversion rate optimization will be even more critical.

Quality Over Quantity

The quality of your content is only going to become more and more important with time. Google's algorithm changes focus primarily on the existence of quality content. This will inevitably mean more time put into writing content by more talented SEO writers. In 2013, the people creating and executing SEO strategy will be just as important as the strategy itself.

Increased Inclusion of Rich Snippets

Rich snippets started to receive a lot of attention in 2012, but it is obvious that they are only going to get more important this coming year. They offer a tremendous amount of value to users by providing a great deal of information without requiring a visit to the site. Smart marketers who invest in rich snippets now will see increased click-through rates from organic search and ultimately better rankings.

The upcoming years presents an incredible amount of opportunities for those who are serious about optimizing their websites. All you need are the right experts to get the job done. At CyberMark International, our staff includes SEO experts who stay ahead of the curve and SEO copywriters who can make your content shine. Contact us today to receive a free website evaluation or to request a quote.

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