15 Sep 2008

SEO for Your Website: Helping You Hit the Mark

“What's the point of having a website if no one can find it?” It sounds like an obvious question today, but not the case back in the early nineties when the internet was just taking off. I was in website sales at the time. Most of the effort went into building the pages and very little into building traffic. It was an opportunity I took to break into a brand new industry – search engine optimization (SEO).

When we started CyberMark International back in 1994, the search engines were primitive compared to those of today. And there were no books on search engine optimization – no blogs or websites detailing all the ins-and-outs of SEO. It was all trial and error as those of us on the ground floor of search engine optimization collectively “wrote the book” on how to optimize webpages – no easy task considering how fast search engines have been evolving ever since.

Fourteen years later, the basics of SEO are available to anyone who wants to spend time learning them. What's trickier is being able to instinctively respond to new search engine algorithms – not only figuring out what changes to make accordingly, but doing it fast enough and effectively enough so as not to lose search engine ranking in the process.

Though keeping up with this ever-evolving industry is what CyberMark clients pay us to do, that's not to say they have no interest in the subject. On the contrary, when we want to make changes to someone's website, they want to know why, and understandably so. “Because we said so” isn't a reason. In fact, website owners should be leery of any SEO company that does not want to explain how they're going to optimize your pages and why. Chances are they're engaged in practices that could seriously hurt your search engine ranking in the long run.

It's this interest on the part of website owners that has inspired this blog.

Every day we field questions from clients who want to know more – not because they want to become SEO experts themselves, but because they want to be informed consumers. That's our goal with this blog – On Target SEO: What website owners want to know about search engine optimization.

Whether you're a client of CyberMark or not, please feel free to submit to us your SEO questions in the Comments section of each post. We promise to respond in one of two ways – in the Comments section of the relevant post, or with a new post related to your question.

There's a science to search engine optimization, so you will find steadfast “rules” here. But SEO is also an art, so we promise to leave plenty of room to share some of the creative inspiration that goes into finessing your website's way to the top!