How Will Google Now Affect SEO

shutterstock_105118070Google has released many products and services over the years, but the release of Google Now over a year ago never made waves until now. While it isn't the search engine's first foray into mobile search, it does represent a powerful turning point. With Now, Google will actually be able to predict what you need when you need it without a prompt on your smartphones and pads.

Google Now displays a variety of information sections, such as weather, traffic, flight times, and much more. It intuitively learns from your search history, and takes cues from your location to provide information it thinks you will need exactly when you need it.

For now, the kind of information it displays without prompt is limited, but as the service improves, SEOs are expecting better integration with different user needs. However, this doesn't mean that search has become obsolete. In fact, it is actually becoming even more relevant. Although it is still in its early stages, SEOs can safely assume that current best practices for local SEO will play a large role in staying ahead with mobile search.

Mobile searches are increasing massively as smartphones become more broadly available at a lower price. Research shows that 60% of consumers already use their smartphone before going to any given store, it is undeniable that local SEO will play a huge role in marketing strategy. Any business who has optimized their Google services pages, such as Google+, business pages, Google Local, etc., will gain a clear advantage in outranking their competitor in local search.

To stay ahead in the search engine game, marketers will need a better understanding of their customers' interactions across every channel and device. Going forward, it looks like the focus will be less on page orientation and more on customer orientation.

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