23 Dec 2020

So your Twitter Account Got Suspended. Now What?

iPhone showing how to unsuspend a Twitter account

A suspended Twitter account can be damaging to your online presence. With how frequently the Twitter rulebook changes, it can be hard to stay up to date. If you don’t know what you did on your account to warrant a suspension – be honest in your appeal. Twitter uses automated systems that can, on occasion, wrongly suspend accounts.

Check out the following to evade twitter suspension:

How to Unsuspend Your Twitter Account

1. Unsuspend Your Twitter Account on Your Own

This first method is the easiest and quickest way to troubleshoot your account.

First, try logging in and looking for prompts that ask for your phone number or to confirm your email. By verifying your account through either of these two methods, you should be able to get your account unsuspended.

2. Unlocking Your Twitter Account

In the event of spammy or abusive behavior, your account might be temporarily disabled. A locked Twitter account usually means one of two things. The first being a temporary lockout for a specific amount of time. The second would mean you need to verify information about your account before proceeding.

3. File an Appeal for Your Twitter Account

Filing a Twitter suspension appeal is one of the last methods to unsuspend your Twitter account. If the previous methods have failed or you think Twitter made a mistake suspending or locking your account, you can file an appeal with Twitter for reinstatement.

Suspended Twitter Account FAQ

Why Does Twitter Suspend Accounts?

Twitter wants to provide a safe environment for all of its users. This means it might suspend accounts that violate the Twitter rules.

Common Reasons for Twitter Suspension Can Range from the Following:

A vast majority of Twitter accounts suspended are done so because of spammy, or flat out fake content. These types of accounts are against the Twitter rules and introduce security risks for the Twitter platform and its users.

On occasion, a real person’s account can get suspended by mistake. In this case, Twitter will work with the user to make sure the account is unsuspended.

Potential Account Security at Risk:
If Twitter determines an account has been hacked or compromised, they suspend the affected account until it has been secured and restored to the rightful account order. This is done to reduce the chance of malicious activity from a hack.

Abusive Tweets or Behavior:
Twitter can suspend an account if it has been reported as violating the rules surrounding abuse. When a Twitter account engages in abusive behavior like impersonating other accounts or sending threats, they may suspend it temporarily or, in some cases, permanently.

How long do Twitter Suspensions Last?

A Twitter suspension can last anywhere from 12 hours to 7 days. The timeframe depends on the nature of the violation. In some cases, a Twitter account can be suspended but be in read-only mode. This means users can still see and engage with the account. In other instances, the Twitter account will not be live on Twitter and it will be temporarily taken down.

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