How to Engage Your Facebook Fans

Estimates show that Facebook has more than a billion active users, making it one of the largest marketing opportunities around. According to a study done this past September by social media experts at HubSpot, 42 percent of marketers consider Facebook to be an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Though the vast majority of businesses now have Facebook fan pages, it simply isn't enough to just be there. For a fan page to be effective, a great deal of time and effort must be devoted to growing and maintaining an active, engaged fan base. The following are some tips on how to create engagement with your fans:

Have a personality – People who like your company may “like” your page, but it's the personality behind the posts that will drive them to engage.

Be visual – Statistically, posts with photos gain way more attention and engagement than video, text or link posts. More responses mean more exposure for your page, and ultimately more opportunities for expanding your follower base.

Invite friends – Invite people who are already familiar with your business to connect with your page. These people are much more likely to engage with your page than those with whom you've had no previous contact.

Make your posts interesting – Everyone wants to post clever and entertaining things on Facebook, so give your followers something that they'll want to share. Unique and compelling content that is relevant to your business is a great way to target new customers and make a name for your business.

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