Google Places Switches to Google+ Local

As you might have noticed, Google Places is now Google+ Local. On May 30, more than 80 million listings were switched over to the new local listing format. Now that Google has integrated local listings with Google+, there are a few changes to be aware of for your local SEO:

• New look and interface – Google local listings now have a similar look and feel to a Google+ page.

• Google+ Local tab – On top of regular search results, Google Maps and Google mobile apps, local listings will also appear on a Local tab within Google+.

• Zagat rating scale and integration – Google+ Local listings now feature a Zagat-inspired rating from 0-30, with 30 being excellent. In addition, listings will also feature any reviews that business has received from

• Greater social integration – Google+ Local features a circle filter, allowing users to see reviews and recommendations from their friends, family and colleagues.

It should be mentioned that Google+ Local is still a separate entity from Google+, meaning you can have both a Google+ Local listing and Google+ page for your business. However, Google has said it might allow businesses to combine the two in the future.

The Google Places-Google+ Local changeover offers interesting new local marketing opportunities for businesses, and CyberMark is dedicated to assisting businesses with the transition. If you have any questions or issues regarding your Google+ Local listing, please feel free to contact us at

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