Google Alerts: Manage Your Online Reputation

An important part of raising your online profile is being aware of what’s being published about your organization on the Internet. Someone could be spreading negative, or worse, false and negative, information about you or your business, potentially scaring off some would-be customers. One way to monitor your brand is by setting up Google Alerts for your business.

Google Alerts deliver updates that mention specified phrases to your e-mail inbox or Google Reader feed. Updates can be sent to you on a daily, weekly or as-they-happen basis. Search results can be limited to a certain type of update such as news, videos or updates, or you can opt to view everything on the web.

At CyberMark, we suggest setting up Google Alerts for the following to keep up with any online chatter about your business:

  • The name of your business, as well as any alternate or previous used names
  • You name, as well as the names of any public figures within the company
  • Names of any subsidiaries or major divisions
  • Product names

Google Alerts are also a great way to keep tabs on your competitors and the industry as well.

Keep up with your organization’s reputation. To set up Google Alerts for the names and phrases associated with your organization, go to

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