Facebook Rolls Out Post Insights to All Pages

Ever wonder just how many users are viewing your Facebook posts? With Facebook's new Post Insights, you can wonder no more. Post Insights display basic data, such as impressions and amount of feedback, about each individual Facebook page post to page administrators. First made available to a select few pages in January, Post Insights are now viewable on all Facebook pages for posts published on or later than June 25, 2010.

Post Insights are displayed just above the time and date information for each post, like so:

The number of impressions is the cumulative number of times the post has been viewed by users on the Facebook page wall and in page fans' news feeds. Feedback % indicates how many of those impressed-upon users responded to the post, either by liking it or commenting on it.

Page administrators will also be able to see how posts compare to one another under Post Insights under the Interactions section of their Insights pages. Here's an example:

Although basic, this sort of data can help page administrators use metrics to determine which Facebook posts are attracting the most attention.

We'll keep you posted on the ways Facebook page admins can measure the success of their Facebook pages.

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