Circling In On Search Results: Building Your Google Plus Circles

colorful intersecting circles The bigger your circles, the bigger the boost.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to stop thinking about Google Plus as just another social media platform. Case in point, you don’t have to depend on your followers visiting their Google Plus page in order to see your posts (a very good thing considering it hasn’t reached the kind of obsessive use enjoyed by Twitter or Facebook).

More than any other social media platform, posts to Google Plus appear in Google search results. And the more people who have you in their circles, the more often your posts will appear.

How It Works

1) Someone adds you to one of their Google Plus Circles.

2) Inclusion in this circle signals to Google that the person who has “circled” you considers you to be a good source of content.

3) When this certain someone conducts a search, Google includes among its possibilities any Google Plus posts you have made relevant to the searched subject.

4) This certain someone who has circled you sees your Google Plus post in their search results.

Bonus Best-Case Scenario

5) This certain someone reshares your Google Plus post on their Google Plus page.

6) People who see this certain someone’s resharing of your post decide to circle you too.

The takeaway?

The more people who have you in their circles, the more often you will appear in search results. And the more influential the people who have you in their circles, the further their reshares of your posts will reach.

How To Build Your Circles Accordingly

1) Post quality content relevant to your business.

2) Identify Google Plus people and pages likely to be interested in the topics your are posting about.

3) Add these people and pages to your circles. Provided your business is relevant to their interests and you post quality content, chances are good they will add you back.

4) +1, share, and comment on the Google Plus posts of people you have in your circles. This is also an effective tactic for getting the attention of people who have not added you back yet. Engaging them in this manner can often do the trick.

5) Continue posting quality content that will be of interest to your circles (i.e., topics they are likely to search).

Granted, the ideal scenario is for your website to appear in page one search results, which you should certainly continue striving for. But running a close second are links to your secondary sites turning up in search results — like your Google Plus page — where visitors have numerous opportunities to click through to the website content you are including in your Google Plus posts.

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